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41 add


It needs to be free because it is amazing and I got a habit to use it

So many adds!

It seems alright- until non stop adds pop up. It gets SO annoying! Get it you have patience.

iMusic free music

I love it. Free download múic. I love it ?????


free music. ?????

iMusic download

free iMusic download. very good. i love it.

Not bad

The app is ok but I just want to see how it is offline or out of service


I only rated 5 stars so it would pop up first. It doesnt show the stuff you search for, instead it shows garbage music (no offence)

The new update sucks

They changed the app around and all my friends and I hate it. The old version was better. IMusic If there is a way the change it back that would be nice. Thank you :)

Not bad

Pretty good.


Ive had it for over a year and loved it but now it wont let my search songs

Its okay...

Its ok but you cant stream offline with no data or wifi, at least you dont have to pay for the songs. Its an over all pretty good app but is I find a better app this on is trash.


This is a perfect app for music.






So good so far very happy free music especially available offline is a blessing thx iMusic


I was looking and looking and looking for an app that would let me add music. The problem with the other apps, I couldnt oaky them with out wifi. This app lets me do it and I love it!


Nice stuff


The app work awesome! Its sweet you can listen to music offline!


Its making me do this!!!


Not that bad

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